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_72481795_bieber_compJustin Bieber has been arrested in Miami and accused of road racing and driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs.

Miami Beach Police said the Canadian pop star was detained after racing on a street early on Thursday.

Police said he did not co-operate when pulled over and was also charged with resisting arrest without violence and having an expired driving licence.

The 19-year-old has had several run-ins with police in recent years.

The arrest comes a week after his home in Los Angeles was searched by police following allegations he had thrown eggs at his neighbour’s house.

He was accused of causing significant damage to the property. One member of his entourage was arrested for alleged drug possession following the search.

In the latest incident, police said the singer had been driving a yellow Lamborghini when he was arrested in the early hours of Thursday.

The Miami Herald reported that members of the musician’s entourage had apparently used their cars to block traffic on Pine Tree Drive at 26th Street, effectively creating a drag strip.

Police say the star didn’t co-operate at first, questioning why he had been stopped. He also had an invalid Georgia driver’s licence, officers said.

The driver of a red Ferrari was also arrested and both cars impounded, said Miami-Dade Police spokesman Sgt Bobby Hernandez.

Police later named the other driver as an R&B singer known as Khalil.

«During the investigation Mr Bieber made statements that he had consumed some alcohol, that he had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication,» said Miami Beach police chief Raymond Martinez.

«They were starting from a stop position and they were accelerating to a high rate of speed, going almost double the speed limit… in that area.»

The arrest report said the pop star «had slow deliberate movements» and a look of «stupor» when the officer told him to step out of the Lamborghini.

The two men were first taken to Miami Beach police station and later transferred to a Miami-Dade County jail pending an initial court appearance expected later on Thursday.

The street where police say Justin Bieber was racing is a residential area in mid-Miami Beach.

Impounded cars in Miami. 23 Jan 2014 A Lamborghini, right, and a Ferrari were both impounded by Miami police
Police mugshot of Khalil Amir Sharieff. 23 Jan 2014 R&B singer Khalil was allegedly driving the red Ferrari
Police van believed to be carrying Justin Bieber A police van believed to be carrying the star arrived at a county jail

Small apartment buildings are along one side of the street and on the other side are a high school, a youth centre, a golf course and a fire station.

In 2013, the singer was asked to remove graffiti he had left on the wall of a hotel in Australia. That came a month after he was charged in Brazil over a similar offence.

In 2012 he faced accusations of reckless driving, although prosecutors declined to press charges.

Justin Bieber lives in a gated community in Calabasas, about 30 miles north-west of central Los Angeles.