To Katherine Freese, cosmologist: Honesty for Honesty


For years of drinking and watching popular science on hangovers I was a happy man. Really, what more could one want from one’s life? Making Universe dancing and twisting and making it straight anytime you like – that was a pleasant order of the day. There were some little discrepancies in straight version like “matter-antimatter battle” or distant Black Holes but I thought these are temporary. And all it was good and well until I heard “We don’t know” words in regards to “Infinite” or “Dark” definitions. Well, it came like nothing but a colossal shock… Imagine Neo from famous Matrix movie saying “No” in his disbelief – that’s how I’d describe what I felt.

That was really unpleasant knowledge about straight version of the Universe…

So, the purpose of these thoughts is an attempt to get rid of “darks” and “infinities” as well as an attempt to inspire people’s imagination.

Before further reading, please, watch Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design by dear, always alive Mr. Stephen Hawking.


Hawking’s genius fish

Does fish thinks of making an aquarium?

Unlike Hawking’s genius fish our task is not to jump from aquarium to fountain but to understand how to make an aquarium or how it was made or being made now. So, the rules of jumping from aquarium are different from rules of making an aquarium.

Hawking’s tennis court

The same logic applied to Hawking’s tennis court. Rules of making a court are different from rules of existent court on which we’re playing now.

Hawking’s shovel

This is a greatest idea ever! But it has nothing to do with a Big Bang as onetime event. Digging a hole while making a hill – is a process that can be divided in phases.          

I’d like to think that making Universe is a continuous process or a sequence of similar processes. If something ever started for no reason – please, allow me to know the reason for it to stop? So, making Universe via sequence of similar processes is worth to be considered.

Processes are similar but the size of “shovel” increased with each scoop. I’d call it Delta Creation, ΔC. It may not be constant.





At first glance Universe consists of Space and Matter


Space gives Universe its dimensional properties. However, I think there is another side of it. I’d describe it as an “undividable, almost weightless substance, fully permeable to emissions and baryon matter”. Why?

  1. its ability to transmit emissions
  2. reaction on massive objects (Space Warps)

So, let’s allow a thought that Space has some very little density and let’s start using Space density definition.

Then at massive objects Space has to be compressed and not stretched as it is shown in steel ball on rubber sheet example, although it is simple and demonstrative.

If we think about Space-Time connection and admit the facts that Time slows at Black Holes and in Space travels – than these facts can be explained via Space density as well. The higher the Space density is – the slower the Time goes (relative to distant observer). For Space travels relative Space density increases artificially, because of high speed movement.

Gravitational lenses can be explained by Space density as well.

Therefore I think that true Space properties are not yet discovered. Perhaps “Red Shift” can be explained by Space creating or Space expanding from its previously compressed state(s).


What do I know about Matter? I guess that people with Large Hadron Collider at their disposal can tell me volumes about it. But if I’d make an inventory of “Particles Zoo” and start celebrating one particle per day I’d be dead much sooner than the inventory is finishedJ.  In last desperate hope to avoid such a fate, “scratching to stay alive”, I started to think about Matter as of mix of Space and Energy.

And perhaps we have one fact that it is so – Neutrino. To me this guy looks like trapped Space, released in some reactions.

So, I hope that chances to survive are doubled, no toasts to Neutrino, I’m afraid J

And I hope that one day our “Macro” and “Micro” concepts will have at least one square foot of common ground to start playing together.


  1. Live matter (no thoughts)
  2. Creative matter as a part of live matter

Creative matter can be characterized by an ability to change environment to facilitate its living needs. It’s represented not only by humans but by other live matter species like birds, some insects and some animals. Digging a burrow or making a nest are obvious signs of creativity.

But human beings are the most advanced creative matter that we know so far. It is so advanced that can even make itself a Creator(s) when it looks like all obvious known explanations of Existence are used and present day will never change. But whenever done so, its creativity drops drastically and life turns to be nothing than previous generation’s routine. However, a thought about mankind as of creative matter that can make gods is pleasant and makes me think positive. I’d say that total score is 1:1 but considering that we’re playing against outcomes of our own Creativity I’d score it 2:0 to humans. So, we are Creators of Creators.


Ranking civilizations by energy consumption looks a bit odd to me. Flaming oil wells at Kuwait war were definitely signs of energy consumption but what kind of civilization it was?

What is the purpose of making superstructures around our Sun now? Burning the Earth? Can we use it for any good purposes now? I think that energy consuming technologies are not going to last for too long and it seems to be the trend.

I think that civilizations can be ranked by following Creativity levels:

An ability to create:

  1. best living environment on its own planet
  2. best living environment on another planet or create such a planet
  3. a star system
  4. a galaxy
  5. and, I’m afraid, a Universe with required properties


As usual, in self-admiration, mankind imagined itself as a “crown of Creation”.  Well, looking back at our own history of communications we can find roars and yells, fires on towers, bottles in seas, message riders, post pigeons, telegraph, phones and what we’ve got now. But even we ourselves admitted the fact that electromagnetic communications are very slow even in a scale of our own Solar System.

So, I think that the more advanced civilizations are not using electromagnetic communications. Perhaps they’re using quantum effects or something that we yet can’t intercept. And the most advanced civilizations may not even be in this Universe because they found this particular one boring …

So, we’re waiting for a fire on a tower while everybody is using cellphones.


Threat of “jail burning” looks attractive to retarded regimes (just a bunch of jails themselves), in their “claim to fame” in modern World, but I think that the idea of keeping our cradle in good shape is much better.


Doing time in this beautiful cradle called planet Earth, having no chance to “step out” in my lifetime, I’d like to say that every good thought counts. Killing your co-thinker for no apparent reason is nonsense. In order to succeed with Universe besides armies of killers we need armies of thinkers and Science popularization is a significant step in right direction. So, killing people for no obvious reason is a waste of valuable resource, besides of compassion or other human feelings. Razing chaos prior hearing a word from Justice is not too wise either.

Killing for faith is most disgusting crime of all. Faith is nothing but absence of Knowledge.

Killing for political reasons is no way better. There is one title I’d like to grant to some rulers that they deserve to hear when introduced or announced:  “His Uselessness Mr. Greed by himself”. Killing Freedom and reducing people’s life to very basic needs and rudimental instincts – is not a good thing to do. 

Spending billions in attempts to change other societies is a waste of money unless tasks are clearly set and fully accomplished. Unless it is so it is better to spend these resources on own national interests like Education. Retarded societies are doomed to disappear by natural processes; it’s just a matter of time.

Harboring stolen money and criminal families from retarded regimes is just like fencing and it’s a very dangerous thing to own society. Freedom killers must not be eligible for fruits of Freedom for themselves.


I see two possible ways of our Evolution – creating living environment at distant locations or changing humans to survive and live in Universe as it is, however crazy it may seems. A while ago an ancient fish crawled onto land, found it nice and developed itself limbs instead of fins. We’re just like that fish but faced with Universe.


Looking at simulations of galaxy’s collisions I caught myself at thought– maybe it’s a proper time now to try to create good Universe simulation? Make some algorithms and see how they work? Would be very nice to see Hawking’s shovel in action J


Looks like this bottle of thoughts is braved and I have no fears of consequences. So,



Drinking is a bad habit and if abused will lead to health damage, mental disorders or even death. Author rated this article 40+ because he does not want young or mentally unstable people to think that drinking is good; or encourage anyone to follow his steps or repeat his experience.

Not a single of above symbols or words or thoughts were intended to offend, frustrate or demotivate any of Thinkers. If you feel so – please, be free to use your abilities to scrap and forget.

Being a person with non-English background author apologizes if some expressions or thoughts sound unusual or strange. But for being so he hopes that he’s eligible for 50% discount J

And, most of all, author forgives himself. He’s just a human and as such is eligible for mistakes.

Good luck and all the best to us all,

Vadim Altukhov

Kazakhstan, Aktau, Oct-2021